Hi there
I want to update from zcm 11.4.1 to zcm 11.4.3 on our development server. linux
This server does not have internet access so I am not able to activate the system update entitlement.

I have imported the update via zman. I can see it in ZCC but have no luck running it.
I have sufficient disk space.

[DEBUG] [02/09/2017 10:11:55.137] [3365] [ZENLoader] [64] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [Failed to get content for this update. Check: 1. Proper content servers configured, 2. Content available, 3. Sufficient disk space available] [] [] [] [ZENworks]

[DEBUG] [02/09/2017 10:11:55.137] [3365] [ZENLoader] [64] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [Unable to download content for update due to exception : Error distributing content] [] [] [] [ZENworks]

What do I need to do here.