Hi, first sorry for my poor english...

I have made a bundle for upgrading Acrobat Reader. First, I have tested it in a few workstations. When the bundle was ok, then assigned it to a group of 100 workstations. Some days later, I assigned it to all the workstations (400 aprox.). by deleting the group assignment of 100 workstatioins, and assigning it to the group of all workstations. Now the bundle has finished well for over 300 workstations, but the first 100 assignements are in a state of pending and they don`t move of it. If I install of launch the bundle to any of these 100 workstations, I get a meesagge of error.

Many of this 100 workstations assignment have the upgrade done, but in the bundle status they appear as pending. How can I fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support,