I am trying to deploy SSPR in my environment because I have a few users who's passwords consistently don't sync correctly between eDir, AD, and other systems when using the CTRL+ALT+DEL password reset method.

In my developing instructions, I am trying to enable the Forgot Password, and eventually display the password hint, but I'm finding a problem. In the SSPR portal when I reset the password, there is no option to set/update the password hint, I can only find this when using the CTRL+ALT+DEL Reset Password method. So what happens when I try to use the Forgot Password option on the client login page I get either an outdated hint or a "no hint" message.

Am I missing a checkbox or option somewhere? I'm not the original person to set this up and I've found outdated instructions about removing the Password Hint Gadget in iManager, that reference menu options that don't seem to exist anymore, but I'm not finding an option to add a password hint field to the SSPR Password Reset page.

Thanks for any direction!