I am setting up a new IDM (Version 4.5) Environment having two different nodes. (One is primary and other one is replica, not in cluster).

I am facing issue while setting up the User Application.

Initially, after running RBPM Configuration Utility, i came across one issue

Identity Manager authentication is not correctly configured or Identity Manager to eDirectory SAML communication is not functioning correctly.
Please contact an administrator to correct the problem.

I followed the steps outlined in https://www.netiq.com/communities/co...dm-4-5-part-2/ and problem is resolved.

Now the situation is, when i do the same RBPM configuration in secondary node. First node stops working and again shows the same message.
If i reconfigure first node, the second node stops working and start giving same message.

I am not able to understand this behavior.

Kindly let me know if you peoples have any workaround for this.

Thanks in Advance.