Lots of JMSexceptions errors in the catalina.out

Looks like ActiveMQ is listening on port 61716 and not 61616.

Where do we change what port for it to try to connect on?

When looking at the work Dashboard we get taskList: An error has
occurred retriveing the tasklist: Argument dn cannot be Null
Catalina out seems to show the ActiveMQ broker error at that time, so
I'm assuming they are related.

Previously we tried to terminate a lot of workflows with no success.
Some did clean up, but then started getting errors. Wondering if the
database is corrupt or what to do to clean it up. However, if it is an
activemq issue, then just need to understand where to set the services
up for the correct port....

IDM 4.5sp3 --- noticed reporting isn't working any longer either.


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