I have a requirement where i have some resources and having many roles
under each resources and the driver i have to use is loopback driver(we
call it SystemView) for dynamic assignment of roles that act as when
user request a role through userapplication, it should be assigned to
user on the click of submit instead of asking for any approval. For
serving this purpose we have attached generic approval form less
workflow with each role in userapp.

On the driver, I have written a policy that has action defined as, with
"for each" loop i have used add role in "do" activity and defined
specify role dn as static dn for each role but and here comes the actual
trouble as the count of roles is quite high. I want to define dynamic dn
here instead of adding so many role name in action. Could you please
guide me how we can add dynamic dn there to avoid big list of static
role dn?

we do use 4.5.5 version of IDM and eDirectory 8.8 SP9 with hotfix.

Thanks in advance,

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