I have been seeing a peculiar Tomcat Logging rollover issue lately. It
is possible it could be driven by the log setting for OSP, as I have
never seen it before, but have been running OSP logging set to ALL
lately to troubleshoot some OSP issues (since fixed).

I have seen this with IDM 4.5.4 apps as well as IDM 4.5.5 apps
IDM 4.5.4 is using JRE 8u92 and 4.5.5 is using JRE 8u112

What is seen is the catalina.out log file ends up with quite a few blank
lines, or lines with just a single quote, and then it picks up again.
What is strange is one of the previous log rollover files has been
written to with recent log info, and has the same date time stamp as the
current log.

Let's say today is 02/12/17. The active catalina.out file is showing
Feb 12 08:11. catalina.out.2017-02-07.log also has the exact same
date/time stamp, and has log info from today in it.
Now, the osp-idm log files just happen to have rolled over at that same
date/time. osp-idm.2017-02019.log...archive.gz also has the 02/12 08:11
date/time stamp.

I am unfamiliar with the log rollover process for catalina.out or
osp-idm logs. Are they rolled over at the same time, by the same
process? OSP logs roll over into gunzip'd files, while catalina log
files just appear to be renamed. localhost_access logs do not appear to
be affected.

All can be corrected by a simple Tomcat stop/start. Things will run for
a while, but eventually, it seems to get back to this same situation.
There have been occasions where Tomcat gets non-responsive when this
occurs. This has occurred on servers with just SSPR, just IDM Home
Apps, and servers with all the apps on one.

I set the OSP logging back to WARN. Let's see what happens. This is
not a disk space issue, as the tomcat/logs folder is always on a
partition with plenty of free space.

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