On 16-Sep-2014 there was a post titled "Spell check problem" to GW2012: Clients. It described a problem wherein Spell Check would divide words into separate portions (not syllables), spell check the portion, and tell the user it was misspelled.

I had the same problem in GW2012 and still have it on GW2014. I have the name "Aaron" in two appointments. When I post one, GW says that "Aar" is misspelled; in the other, GW says that "Aaro" is misspelled. If I run spell check manually, it works correctly. This issue has followed me from Windows XP 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit and from machine to machine, even on newly configured systems. I does seem to be specific to me. If I log into GW on someone else's workstation, it still recurs.

Was this issue ever resolved? If so, how?