I'd like to start using UEFI with building our Windows 10 images so that we're ahead of the curve with transitioning from BIOS but I've started running into showstoppers when using ZENworks imaging with EFI PXE boot.

Our ZENworks servers run on the following:
- SLES 11 SP4
- ZENworks version
- ZCM 11.4.x Imaging Driver Update for November 2016

Our Dell Latitude E5570 laptops receive the following error when selecting 'Maintenance Mode' (or any option that uses the img command)
(Tested with latest BIOS version)
/bin/zenpart.s: line 6:  2422 Segmentation fault    /bin/img -zenpart -find > /tmp/device.s
/bin/zenpart.s: line 6:  2471 Segmentation fault    /bin/zdisk -detect > /tmp/device.s
Our Dell Latitude E5530 laptops fail to even reach the terminal and will reboot shortly after selecting an option from pxemenu.txt
(Tested with latest BIOS version)
Secure boot not enabled
ELILO v3.14 for EFI/x86_64
Loading kernel /efi/x86_64/linux ...  done
Loading initrd  /efi/x86_64/initrd..............done
elilo.c(line 281):
ExitBootSvcs:  failed, memory map has changed.

elilo.c(line 284):Main_Loop:  Retrying,... have to rebuild boot params
I've tested EFI imaging on a VMware virtual machine and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 without issue but our Dell Latitude E5570 laptops are the latest devices we have a majority of in production. I'd appreciate it if anyone could shed light onto these problems.