Hey everyone. Finally looking at upgrading our ancient 4.0.1 system to
4.2.2 or 4.3. Running 4.0.1 HF3 right now. AC is on a SLES 11 SP4
server and appears to be working fine. However while attempting to
upgrade to 4.0.2 as a jumping off point to 4.2.2 the upgrade keeps
failing. After doing some debugging it appears that the Audit Server
was not successfully installed, and that is where the 4.0.2 upgrade
fails. I haven't found anything in the documentation or KB articles
about fixing a broken Audit Server install. I've manually installed
some .rpm files in the install directory of 4.0.1 and was able to get
the audit server process running, but it continues to bomb out during
the upgrade:

Upgrading Novell iManager:

Error while deploying the Novell Audit Server plug-in for iManager.
Check the
/tmp/novell_access_manager/upgrade_iman_2017-02-14_13:46:50.log log file
for more information.

The upgrade log has:

Started installation at 2017-02-14_13:46:51
Installing the Access Manager 4.0.2-34 version
__________________________________________________ _

Upgrading Novell
iManager:`/var/opt/novell/iManager/nps/packages/iman277_patch4.npm' ->
`/tmp/novell-access-manager-4.0.2-34/utils/nids_install.jar' ->
removed `/tmp/inst_novlwww/iman277_patch4.npm'
removed `/tmp/inst_novlwww/nids_install.jar'
removed directory: `/tmp/inst_novlwww'

and that's it.

Is there a way to reinstall or repair the Audit Server on the AC?

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