I need assistance concerting DN into LDAP query.

My dn is like
that i need to convert as:
cn=DG-0001,Dres,Level10,RoleDefs,RoleConfig,AppConfig,Us erApplication,DriverSet,o=novell.

i am using parse dn functionality.

Here i have given start=0 and lenght= -1, source dn format= slash and
destination dn format= LDAP.
we are expecting result in LDAP query with cn but we are getting result
with coma separate without
cn(DG-0001,Dres,Level10,RoleDefs,RoleConfig,AppConfig,Us erApplication,DriverSet,o=novell)
in logs and that prevent us from adding roles to the user when requested
through userapp. Could you please guide the correct fix on the issue?
I am working on loopback driver that has an entitlement(That's a
resource) and under this resource we have some roles. when user select
an resource through userapp and add a role on the go, user should get
that role assigned.

We do use 4.5.5 version of IDM and eDirectory 8.8 SP9 with hotfix.


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