Hi Everyone,

I have a user who has a problem with their GroupWise 2014 Client on Windows 10 (1607 - 14393.693).

When the user makes a new email, and tries to attach a file to the email, the user receives the generic "groupwise client has stopped working", and the client shuts down.

The client has been working up until the other day and now is not.

The user had client version 14.2.1 Build 124014 and I have even tried to upgrade the users client to 14.2.1 Build 124595, but the problem still exists.

I can see the starting directory for where the client is trying to go to, and then it crashes, but I can't see the full file path, not sure if this helps, or is part of the problem.
How to you force a clear of all GroupWise settings, etc.

Any ideas?