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Thread: Date format inconsistent in report preview vs generated

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    Date format inconsistent in report preview vs generated

    Using this simple report definition:
    SELECT name, create_time
    FROM srs.current_fs_scandata_ad
    WHERE path_type = 1
    LIMIT 1

    Produces the expected result in the report definition interface:
    name create_time
    ------ -------------------------
    319011.SPC 2004-02-01 11:40:29

    But when running the report (preview or stored report), the date format is different (non-ISO):
    "319011.SPC",2/1/2004 4:40:29 PM

    I checked by remote desktop the server's regional settings which I suspected and they were effectively set to using the AM and PM short date format so I changed them.
    I ran the test again but the date problem remains. Possibly the server settings must be changed locally by the admin (that's my next step but we're a large organization and this may take weeks...)

    So I wonder if anyone can tell me if there's a setting somewhere in File Reporter that can set the date formats used in the reports to the normal ISO format (no AM PM suffixes)?


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