I have developed SOAP driver calling Zimbra SOAP API to do provisioning
Zimbra Mail system. All operations are ok including password
synchronization from IDV to SOAP End point.
But when I tried feature 'Check Password Synchronization' on iManager to
verify whether password is in sync between IDM and each connected system
for particular user.
I found that there is no icon of my SOAP driver appearing on iManager
screen. And when I execute check password synchronization from iManager,
there is no check-object-password operation sent to my SOAP driver
whereas other drivers such as AD, LDAP, Database, all are receiving
check-object-password operation.

So, I'm not sure how this event check-object-password works and why SOAP
did not get this event like the other drivers.
Does the SOAP driver did not support this operation or I did something
Have you found this before? Any recommendation to look for?

Regards and thank you.

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