Hi All,

I'm trying to deploy a dual boot scenario with Win 10 using 3rd Party (WIM) imaging and kickstart for the linux side of things.

I'm struggling a little with the differentiation with kickstart being deployed as a regular image vs an addon image though.

For example:
- I have Bundle A which deploys Windows 10, and runs a diskpart script to leave 60GB of space at the end of the drive.
- I have Bundle B which deploys a kickstart config to use that extra space.

If I deploy Bundle A, and then deploy Bundle B, all is well with the world.

However, if I try and combine those actions into one bundle, the kickstart fails to PXE boot, complaining it can't find the configuration file.

I'm thinking it's something to do with it trying to deploy as an add on bundle, as evidenced here:

But I'm at a loss as how to get round this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?