Hello everyone,

I am very new to NetIQ and have been tasked with creating a single sign
in using Access Manager for Office 365. The process seemed simple enough
and upon going to test I run into a log in issue. When I am at the
Office 365 login website and put in the Office 365 username, I then get
bounced to a Access Manager login which states - This Identity Provider
needs to validate your identity. Please login to your existing account
here so that we can return verification back to your local service.

When I log in using the Office 365 credentials, I receive an error
saying login failed, please try again.

Any advice of where I can begin to troubleshoot this? My assumption is I
am missing creating a local account in Access Manager to associate with
Office 365? However, since I am getting bounced from Office 365 to
Access Manager, this means that the link is successful?

Thank you.

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