We have an office 365 driver which creates accounts on office 365, an Active Directory driver which creates accounts in Active Directory. We also have an on premise Exchange 2010 environment and are looking at setting up a Hybrid Exchange environment. In the Office 365 driver documentation there is mention that it support hybrid mode with the following statements.

In a hybrid mode, Office 365 provides seamless integration between an On-Premises Exchange Server organization and Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365. The Office 365 driver now supports hybrid deployment by allowing Publisher synchronization of Exchange Online attributes to an On-Premise Active Directory. The driver reads the Exchange Online attributes and publishes them to the Identity Vault. You can then synchronize them with the On-Premise Active Directory by using the NetIQ Identity Manager Active Directory driver.

There is no further clarification on if we need to setup AD Connect or whether the office 365 driver would be sufficient.

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