On 2/22/2017 2:46 PM, gmchale wrote:
> In working with setting up Quota Manager (SM 5.1 for AD), I've noticed
> that the quota manager web portal can be little slow. For instance a
> user that has a 1,536MB quota, with 658MB free it takes the following
> times to go between the pages.
> - From the search page, searching by the user's username so only 1
> record is returned takes - 12 seconds
> - From the 'Target Object List: <username> page clicking on the user to
> go to the next page takes - 1 minute and 6 seconds
> - From the 'Target Directory for <username> page (where only 1 path is
> listed, which is the user's home folder) to the next page - 1 minute and
> 4 seconds
> - At the 'Details for <path> page to subtract x from Quota - 1 minute
> and 5 seconds
> From start to finish to look someone up, see what their home directory
> quota is, to increasing or decreasing the quota can take over 3
> minutes.
> My NSM server with all NSM components and sql is a dual vcpu vm with 6
> GB of ram running 2008R2 and seems pretty idle during the above test.
> Many, many Thanks,
> Gabriel

Is all your storage on one server? How many users are there with home
folders on this target? Are all your targets 2008R2? If you look in
FSRM, do you see many quota assignments other than the home folders?
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