I don't have much experience with the Office 365 driver and how to do a correct integration. My client has thousands users created inside Active Directory and they populate information towards the cloud of office 365 by using dirsync service. At present I can see all those users are in "Synced with Active Directory" Status on the Office 365 web administration console!!!!

Now I need to integrate all those users and new users with a new IDM Office 365 driver in order to send users information directly from eDirectory towards the cloud of office.
My doubts are:

1) Is the initial migration or "matching users" process necessary to convert all users from "Synced with Active Directory" to "In Cloud" status on the office application?
2) Can I matching users with the new office 365 driver if they are in "Synced with Active Directory" status? if not....how is the correct method to matching them?

Thanks for the help