I'm trying to pilot a migration from IDM 4.02.7 & eDir 8.8.8 (on RHEL 6)
to IDM 4.5.5 & eDir 9.01 (on RHEL 7). I've done the following:

* installed eDirectory 9.01 on a new RHEL 7 server
* Added this server to the existing eDirectory tree which already holds
an IDM 4.02 driver set
* Installed IDM 4.5 on the new server, replacing the 'idm_linux.bin'
file with the version from the IDM 4.5.5 patch
* Installed the IDM 4.5.5 patch
* Added a R/W replica of Root and the IDM partition to the new server

This all completed successfully, but IDM won't load on the new server.
I followed the troubleshooting procedure from TID #7002449 where you
move the libvrdim files to another location, start eDirectory, then
issue 'load vrdim' from the NDSTRACE screen, but nothing happens -- it
just hangs eDirectory at that point. The ndstrace.log file shows nothing
at all.

Things I've checked:

Java heap sizes

LD_LIBRARY_PATH not set properly

corruption in association between driverset and server

Too much memory allocated to eDirectory cache (cache maximum
size is 195328 KB -- no idea whether this is excessive, so I didn't
change it)

I also ran "rpm -qa | grep DXML | xargs rpm -V" but I don't know
how to interpret the results.

Any suggestions as to what else I can try?