eDirectory version 8.8SP8, SuSE Linux Enterprose Server 11 SP3 (x86_64)
Downloaded Platform-Agent_2011.1r4.zip
extracted and installed novell-AUDTplatformagent-2.0.2-79.x86_64.rpm
installed the eDirectory instrumentation from the setup directory
started the new audit process
Added LogHost and LogEnginePort to the /etc/logevent.conf file
did ndsd restart after updating logevent.conf file
started the eDirectory Instrumentation service
Set default event types to be audited
in Sentinel, Added NetIQ eDirectory collector, NetIQ Audit Connector,
and Event Source of the eDirectory server

Everything appears to start normally but a red x appears over the Event
Source and an error message is displayed
"No connection detected from the source x.x.x.x:eDirInst"

The sentinel Log also shows the following event
"Message: A Novell application eDirInst from machine x.x.x.x has lost
connection with the Audit Event Source Server: Audit Server ALL:1289."

Is there a way to trouble shoot why this message would occur?

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