I would like to copy a post office to a test server in order to test possible solutions to a problem we are having with the PO. The source PO is in a secondary domain and does not use directory association or authentication. The source PO's primary server runs on one server and its secondary domain and PO run, together, on another server.

The destination test server is independent of our live GW environment. It has a primary domain that is named differently from the live primary domain. The target PO will be in a secondary domain named the same as the live secondary domain and have the same name as the source PO. Live: PRIDOM/SECDOM2/PO2 Test: TESTDOM/SECDOM2/PO2. The test server also runs another secondary domain: TESTDOM/SECDOM1/PO1.

I used dbcopy to migrate the PO to the test server as described here - https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7010760

However, the POA fails to start. I've tried copying wphost.db files around and a few other things, all without success. It's now complaining that port 1677 is in use. I changed TESTDOM/SECDOM1/PO1's port from 1677 to 1679 and verified that nothing is listening to port 1677 on the test server. PO2 is port 1677 in the live environment.

Am I on a fool's errand with this? Or is there a documented procedure for copying a live PO into a test environment?

Thank you, in advance, for taking a look.