Environment: Windows 7 64bit Pro client with OES SP2 IR4 installed. Server: Classic Netware 6.5.6. Client is remote to the LAN, connecting via SSL-VPN, then logging in to Novell server.

Problem: Excel 2010 and Word 2010 keep seeing files as "open by another user" if the user has viewed the directory in Windows Explorer. The user is given the option of opening the file in read-only mode. If the user can open the file without viewing it in Explorer, the file opens normally in read-write mode. There are no other users opening the files in question.
So if she opens the file from the "recent files" list, without poking around the directories with Explorer, they open up in read-write. If she opens a folder in Explorer, and then double-clicks on the file, she'll get a message that the file is in use.

I've turned off file caching and lazy mode, but that didn't resolved the problem. I've tried turning off file preview. I've tried to turn off thumbnails. This user works almost exclusively offsite, so I haven't had a chance to see if her laptop experiences the same problem when connected directly to the LAN an 100/1000 speeds.

What can I adjust to correct this problem?

Warren Frush
Computer Studios