Hi all,

I have a requirement where i have some resources and having many roles
under each resources. The driver i have used is loopback driver(we call
it as SystemView) for dynamic assignment of roles that act as when user
request a role through userapp, direct manager gets an approval
notification and approves it hence role gets assigned to the user once
approved by manager. For serving this purpose we have bind generic
workflow with each role in userapp. My code works well.

Now the additional requirement is little tricky; We need to set start
date and end date for the resource request and we need to make start
date and end date mandatory attributes on home dash board .
Could anyone please respond to the below queries?

Question 1: In Home Provisioning Dashboard, we see Effective date and
Expiration date options available for Role request
But they both are optional fields, how this can be made as mandatory

Question 2: Resource request
In HPD, For the resource request, we dont see fields for Effective date
and expiration date.
How can this be added in resource request?


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