eDir is version 20806.05

Long story short:
Can't upgrade/patch/etc (maintenance hasn't been paid in over a year).

DS Master replica server reports that particular server is down.
So I ssh in and see that eDir died.

manually start eDir, says it's started (or rather says it's running after you issue an rcndsd start)
However, rcndsd status says:

co-nc1-svr12:~ # rcndsd status
Failed to obtain a NetIQ eDirectory Server connection to co-nc1-svr12.OU=SV
DEC.NYS_DEPT_ENCON or NetIQ eDirectory Server is not running
The ndsd.log file shows (after a server reboot):

622229248: RECM: [Thu Mar 2 10:06:50 2017] FATAL: DB : ERROR: Failed to check block length against max block size, error = 0xc04f. Block Address 0x2d04001
Mar 02 10:06:50 The local agent could not be opened - failed, inconsistent database (-618)
Mar 02 10:06:52 GAMS Init called
Mar 02 10:06:52 Graded Authentication Management Service Version: started
Mar 02 10:06:52 Information: SNMP Trap Server for NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.8 v20805.02 started.

Mar 02 10:06:53 NDS iMonitor for NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 v20806.04 started successfully.
Mar 02 10:06:54 NetIQ PKI Services Started Successfully
Mar 02 10:06:54 Loading SecretStore Server...
Mar 02 10:06:54 NetIQ SecretStore Service Version Loaded Successfully
Mar 02 10:06:54 Loading SecretStore NCP Transport Plugin...
Mar 02 10:06:54 NetIQ SecretStore NCP Plugin Version Loaded Successfully.
Mar 02 10:06:43 Started NetIQ eDirectory server on host: co-nc1-svr12

Fortunately this is an NCS server, so it's not affecting anything as far as services on that box go, but it's preventing us from moving user accounts around.

I found these two TIDS (the 2nd one scares me):