Hello All

Installed Filr 3.0 as one server Small Deployment.

I've setup the LDAP to connect to the OES 2015 SP1 servers (which are in a OES cluster), using an admin account to see the full eDir. I can see the users. An eDir user can login into Filr and see their personal storage as 'My Files' Now I want to have the user see their Home Folder (eDir Home_Directory) on the OES server. The LDAP configuration states to use 'Use the LDAP home directory attribute'. The user can login into a Win 7 PC with the NWClient and get their 'HOME_DIRECTORY' as definded in ther eDir environment and mapped via their login scipt. The users web interface Home Workspace is blank. The Net Folder Server is set to 'Open Enterprise Server' and thae path is set to the cluster volume of the users home directory.

The Filer has been upgraded to 3.1

So what am I missing to have the users Home Folder show up on the web interface (and Windows client) as the Home Workspace?

What do I need to check for this to work?

Any suggestions.