Win 7x64
GW 2014 R2 (14.2.2-126208)
Office 2010x32

We have a user that receives a "no Email program associated with this feature", which after saying OK to, pops up a mapi32.dll unknown failure error message. The user is in Word 2010 and tries to Save & Send which typically pops up an New Message window with the doc attached. This began after applying the 126208 FTF to the workstation. I've tried repairing and uninstalling/reinstalling both GW and Office. I've also tried repairing mapi with fixmapi.exe and replacing the mapi32.dll file in c:\windows\system32 with the one from my PC. The GroupWise directory is in the Documents dir with the ability to write to it. GW is set to the default application in Control Panel as well. It will not work as any user that logs on so I do not think it's a user profile issue. Any ideas?