I am in the process upgrading to IDM 4.6 for the first time.

The upgrade of Engine/Driver, etc. was woring as expected, so I moved on
to upgrade the IDM Applications.

I followed the instructions in the documentation by first upgrading the
database and than to run RBPM_upgrade.bin.

The upgrade process seams to work as expected, and I was able to start
the new Tomcat, but I am only able to access the updated SSPR!

When accessing /landing I am only getting to an emtpy page (white with a
tiny blue line in the top)
When accessing /idmdash I get an white page with a rotating progress
circle - but nothing more
When accrssing /IDMProv I getting the following error in the browser:

HTTP Status 404 - /IDMProv/oauth.html
type Status report
message /IDMProv/oauth.html
description The requested resource is not available.

At the same time I am getting no error but one in catalina.out.
The one I am getting is that PasswordHelper is reporting an
Login_Failure for the User I am using. This INFO message is coming along
with an ERROR JASSManager Login failed for the same user.
This messages in catalina.out are presented when accessing /IDMProv;
before those messages I am getting successfull oauth messages and
assertions when accessing /sspr, /landing or /idmdash

Any hints?

Kind Regards,


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