Just a quick heads-up for everyone using Vibe (it's worse if you are using a version before4.0.2):
When using Firefox 52, which has been released today, some functionality quits working because NPAPI plugins are not supported anymore (see Firefox' release notes). Applets now just silently fail. As a remedy, until ~March 2018, you can use Firefox 52 ESR.

Vibe makes use of Java applets for some functionality. This includes:
  • [pre-4.0.2] The Edit-in-place functionality, which triggers the Office Addin and hands over WeDAV URLs of files to local programs (replaced by JNLP in Vibe4.0.2)
  • The workflow viewer applet used for designing workflows and checking workflow histories
  • The file upload applet which is used for uploading files and directories in bulk either on demand (Ctrl-click "Add Files" button) or when a folder is set to use Vibe 3 formatting.

If you only need the first applet, it is enough to upgrade to the most recent versions. If you need the other two, feel free to help push this along. A bug report has already been submitted.


PS: should you run into other web based things/products not working that required applets until now, I guess you know where to look...