I'm not finding anything in the documentation and I did a driver export
and couldn't find any way to configure this. Assuming all of the logic
is in the shim.

Shim basically does a select all in a triggerless configuration on given
polling intervals.

Is there a way to specify a different query other than a select * for
the data the state files are gathering?


300k rows in a table.

select * from indirect.s2 where STATUS = 'Ready'

Returning 20 rows rather than 300k with a select * would greatly limit
the data being processed. Our driver is only concerned with the data
that has a STATUS of Ready.

Customer indicates that the table won't be purged of data. We are using
it to pull initial data in, then write back data to the table so that
further processing can be done. When the STATUS column changes to "Done"
we don't need to look at the rows any longer.

Customer doesn't want to use triggers.



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