I am trying to develop a In/Out board or process that will help a few of my staff that travel around to different sites. I thought about using Messenger to just have them change states on their cell phones to give the main office an idea of where they are at that moment. I am unsure if this is the way they will want to go or not.

I am hoping that perhaps someone here might have an idea as to how to leverage the GroupWise setup to do something similar. The Supt really doesn't want to get into another subscription service if it can be done easily with existing product.

Any ideas on how this could be handles?

Currently the staff are writing there expected location on a paper calendar/appointment book in the office. When I suggested just changing their Calendar to reflect their location and sharing it with the office staff, they complained. The major complaint is that it takes to many steps to do the change. So this might not be fixable from an employee standpoint.

It's always worth a shot that someone has an elegant solution.