Just a quick heads-up for everyone using Filr (it's worse if you are using a version before 3.1):
When using Firefox 52, which has been released today, some functionality quits working because NPAPI plugins are not supported anymore
(see Firefox' 'release notes' (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo.../releasenotes/)).
Applets now just silently fail. As a remedy, until ~March 2018, you can use Firefox 52 ESR.

Filr makes use of Java applets for some functionality. This includes:

- [pre-3.1] The Edit-in-place functionality, which hands over WeDAV URLs of files to local programs (replaced by JNLP in Filr 3.1)
- The file upload applet which is used for uploading files and directories in bulk on demand (Ctrl-click "Add Files" button)

If you only need the first applet, it is enough to upgrade to the most recent version. If you need the other one, feel free to help push this along. A bug report has already been submitted.



PS: should you run into other web based things/products not working that required applets until now, I guess you know where to look...