We started with SSPR to replace our old eGuide. Initial setup is done
and I#m able to grep users pictures through SSPR for embedding them into
our intranet page (floorplan).

With eGuide I could also an action to show users details when someone
clicks on that picture. I'd like to have this done though SSPR as well.

When I go to PeopleSearch in SSPR and type something and klick then on a
result line, I get the detailpage I wan't to have in our floorplan. But
I'm unable to generate a link wich results in that detail page. Does
someone know how to build that link (static links per user is good
enough) I could then use in our floorplan?

here an example to show details from eGuide:
<!-- User firstname lastname -->
<font style="position: absolute; left: 435px; top: 260px; font-family:
sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; font-weight: bold; color: black; width:
98px; height: 14px;">
href=",ou=US ER,ou=LOCATION,o=COMPANY&Directory.uid=SERVER_eGui de&Object.uid=USER"
rel="lyteframe" title="firstname lastname<br>jobtitle" rev="width:
500px; height: 600px; scrolling: auto;">
<img name="Photo"
height="125" alt=""><br>firstname lastname</a></font>

here an example how to get the picture from SSPR:

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