I have upgraded my three primary ZENworks servers from 11.4.2 to 2017 and I am having issues with the ZCM 2017 agent. The agent installs with no problems, but after the installation and reboot, the agent will not update assigned bundles to the system. If I manually refresh the system, it just continues to refresh and never stops.

--3 - SLES 11 SP4 x64 - full patched as of March 10, 2017 with ZCM 2017 installed for production
--bundle assignments are 96% device assignments
--policies are device assigned and are being refreshed from servers
--1 - SLES 11 SP4 x64 -full patched as of March 10, 2017 with ZCM 2017 installed for testing - difference being I installed ZCM on server and not upgraded it from previous version as in production and in evaluation.

Troubeshooting steps taken so far:
1. Installed agent from testing environment onto a test system; bundles and policies came from server
2. On the same system, unregistered from testing environment and then registered into production environment; bundles did not come from server, refreshes acted as described above.
3. Turned off firewall on production servers and on test system and retried the refresh and got same issue, no bundles and never ending refresh.
4. Install agent on physical system (laptop that was recently imaged): no bundles and never ending refresh.
5. Rebuilt downloadable agent packages on ZCM server and then installed on test system; no bundles and never ending refresh.
6. TCPdump on all three ZCM servers do not show any errors in communication between servers and test system.
7. Older agents already associated to the server will get bundles and will refresh with no problems. This issue is just with systems running the ZCM 2017 agent.
8. I did notice that during the installation of the agent from the test environment, there were 65 steps but there are only 60 when installing from a production server.
9. Also after the installation of the agent, the sign in box for ZCM agent comes up. If attached to the ZCM test environment, I can enter my credentials and login is fine. If I do the same after installing agent from production servers, I get an error referencing wrong credentials, or wrong certificate .
10, Just got an error Exception: Failed to read from an IPC Port: the pipe has be ended

Anyone got any clues as to any other troubleshooting steps to take or a solution to this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Tim Overdorf
Cedarville University