Have a unique upgrade planned for a site. Site is small 100 user GroupWise system running on GroupWise 8 on SuSE10. Have already migrated the data to new box for first copy. I want to take the ip address of the current GW box with me once I do the final copy. The problem is that the GW users are still tied to the edirectory backend. Site does not use edirectory for anything. Users login with GW passwords, not edirectory. The edirectory on the backend is not in a good way as well. Someone in the past did a bad job of a upgrade and now the old server and new server both show in edirectory. I really don't even want to get into that side of the house so what I was thinking was disassociating all the users from their edirectory counterpart. Once that is done, do the final copy and then go right into the upgrade of the primary domain, post office and install the new webaccess. I am trying to see if this should work and if I am missing anything in the process as well. If I migrate to new box and just shut down the old box with edirectory on it I just don't want any complications, that was why I thought I could just disassociate the GW accounts from the edirectory side thus breaking the connection. Other than disassociating the accounts, is there anything else I should do beforehand we go in to the upgrade? There is no need for edirectory beyond anyway so I figure I'd be knocking two things out with one stone. Anyone have and thoughts on comments on this?