Hello everybody,

we have introduced iPrint Appliance 2.1 with PaperCut MF 16.4 on top about 6 months ago. Since then we observe very low speed rates while spooling printjobs to the Appliance. We use Windows 7x64 Clients (1GB LAN, SSD) with iPrint Client 6.06. Actually we have an SR open with Papercut because of an issue with long delays when a user releases a printjob at a hold/release queue to a physical queue (which is simply a mv from one folder to another). PaperCut says that we should first solve our slow spooling issue, before they continue investigating the Follow-me print issue.
So my question to anybody who uses iPrint Appliance 2.1 is: what spooling rates can we expect? In my case, i reach only 1,5 MB/s! This means for example, a 120MB spoolfile (which is rendered from a 19MB PDF) lasts up to 80s until it is fully spooled. If this is too poor, where can i start my investigation? Network and filesystems are ok. I did a manual copy of the spoolfile from client to server, which comes up to 25MB/s. The slowness is only while spooling a printjob via iPrint.

Thanks to everybody who can help!