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Thread: Why can't you upgrade/patch from 4.2 SP1 to 4.2 SP2?

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    Why can't you upgrade/patch from 4.2 SP1 to 4.2 SP2?

    I don't see anything in the readme/docs for the NAM 4.2 SP2 or NAM 4.2 SP3 patches that state you cannot patch/upgrade from NAM 4.2 SP1 to SP2 or SP3.

    The patch readme states that the component updates can be performed by executing the patch install script. For a detailed list of the steps require to *update* the ....... go to our "standard NAM upgrade" link....

    The "standard NAM upgrade" link takes you here:

    OK, so you try to upgrade the Admin Console and get a message that you cannot upgrade from to 4.2 SP3
    (but it works from 4.2 SP1 to 4.2 SP2)

    But the Access Gateway Appliance (MAG) won't let you upgrade from 4.2 SP1 to 4.2 SP2. You have to use the ISO?
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