Guys, we use scripting extensively against our DRA 9.0.3 instance.
Often, I have to batch update virtual attributes and I use the DRA
ADSIprovider for this. One thing I haven't been able to figure out
though is how to simulate the same search that is performed when I use
the advanced search options in the UI. For example, how might I search
for all users where a given VA matches a certain value from a scripting
perspective (using powershell or VBScript)? I know scripting is not
supported but just wondering if there were any examples of same to point
me in the right direction.Basically, we maintain a tonne of company
specific info in Virtual attributes. Often I need to do the following:

Find all users that have VA-A set to X and change the value of VA-A to

Currently, I do this as follows:

Run a query with the Windows LDAP provider directly on DRAs ADLDS

Pull back all objects of type DRAUser that match my VA value

Use the name attribute each object to match the GUID of the
corresponding user in AD

Update using the OnePoint ADSI provider and the users AD DN

This is a lot of work! There has to be a more efficient way of doing
this 

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