Hi again!
One odd thing happen yesterday and most certainly it's not connected to Filr in any way, I hope. But I still post this question here.
On one of ours Filr 2 Desktop App installed ws's (Windows 7) we get warning about cert to be invalid. As we have on site certs ok and not about to be invalid we looked at workstation and ... there appear warning about "Aruba Networks" cert (issued by Aruba and issued to Aruba). Mh. When we open Filr web-access from same computer ... cert was ok in any means. We checked ... everything on computer we know of to get idea why this "Aruba ..." (HP connected company, when this cert is connected to them at all) appear there. ... As we looked around on this computer ... this warning disappear showing up at some point.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.