I'm trying to upgrade a system from 4.0.2 (latest patches) to 4.5.x
(advanced editions)
(right now I am in the development environment, so nothing is really
dangerous yet)

It consists of two servers
One IDV server, this one has been upgraded, and all updated drivers have
been deployed, it seems to function quite well.

The other one however is a little difficult for me to handle

It is a "one box" solution with with whatever components were on the
install media.
That means postgresql 8.4

UA has a lot of running workflows.

I have exported the idmuserappdb to a file.

I cannot really understand the upgrade path,
First of all, I might have been wrong when I symlinked /opt/netiq -> /opt/
novell (I figured it would be easier, since they could sort of share the
old postgresql db stuff, and that was because the EAS installer detected
that I had an eas installation in /opt/novell )

As far as I understand, I should install EAS on top of the old version.

Install Tomcat (since I don't want to nuke EAS or Reporting DBs) Done

Install OSP & SSPR Done

Uninstall the old user app. This removes postgresql, and my EAS is gone,
and my reporting DB is gone, and my userapp database is gone (which is
probably not an issue since I have an export of it). I have lost EAS and
Reporting though.

Now I have reverted the snapshot again, since this was not a very
efficient sequence of performing the upgrade.

What would be the correct thing to do here?

I dont mind installing an ekstra server for the databases, I would
however, very much like to keep the UA itself on the old server