I need help with creating branched FORM, where other steps in the FORM depend on Selectbox chooce in step before. I found two solutions how to do it.
1/ More FORMS in one Entry definition, where right FORM shown depends on "Show Only When In Workflow State". Combinate with Workflow.
2/ Fill the FORM by Workflow answers. Use "Workflow Question" and "On Entry/Set Entry Data". ...

In both cases I am not able all "Entry Form Definition" or Workflow proces fill in one OPEN and one CLOSE the FORM.

ad1/ OK Button after each step of FORM close the FORM. I have to open Entry and then fill second depended step/FORM (still same Entry Form Definition).
I need FORM and Workflow Element like "Continue" which save filled data, push workflow to next step and continue with editing/modifiing form2 (same Entry Form Definition). It is same funkcionality like "OK Button" without closing FORM.

ad2/ I need start Workflow immediatelly after open New Entry ( view workflow question without pressing OK button). Or OK Button which save, close and OPEN same Entry with started Workflow question.
And in the oposite direction I need call FORM Modify from the Workflow. For example first 5 elements fill with Question answers and next 5 elements fill with FORM Modify. I do not want to press button Modify for finish editing FORM.

It is little bit complicated :-) Maybe there is a different way.

Thanks for any tip.

Jakub Simsik