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Thread: Maximum Group Membership size

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    Maximum Group Membership size

    We are using a group for access to a product called Stoneware webnetwork and have one group that has over 226,000 users. Does anyone know if there is a limit on the number of user that can be a member of a eDirectory 8.8 group? We are running the latest eDir on SLES 11 latest service packs.

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    Re: Maximum Group Membership size

    There is no documented limit, and I've seen groups larger than that, so
    you should be fine. The biggest problem is that whenever you query the
    group side of that (vs. querying the user side) you will get a huge object
    back, and your client may not like that. If the client, on the other
    hand, determine group membership by looking at the user's attributes only,
    then that's fine.

    Good luck.

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