My customer have new installation of IDM 4.6 with SSPR

Server A: eDir 9.0.2 HF2, IDM 4.6,

Server B: Tomcat, OSP, SSPR, Identity Applications.

When a user is authenticate in http://serverB:8180/IDMProv and clic in "Change My Password" they see:

Self Service Password Reset

Error:SSPR 5071

An error using the OAuth authentication protocol has occurred. Please try again later.

In the tomcat log , They see:

2017-03-19T11:38:41Z, INFO , auth.LDAPAuthenticationRequest, {70} authID=0, successful ldap authentication for UserIdentity{"userDN":"cn=ce0005,ou=users,o=data", "ldapProfile":"default"} (73ms) type: AUTHENTICATED, using strategy BIND, using proxy connection: false, returning bind dn: cn=ce0005,ou=users,o=data []
2017-03-19T11:38:41Z, INFO , ldap.LdapOperationsHelper, {70} added objectclass 'pwmUser' to user cn=ce0005,ou=users,o=data []
2017-03-19T11:38:42Z, INFO , event.AuditService, audit event: {"perpetratorID":"ce0005","perpetratorDN":"cn=c e00 05,ou=users,o=data","perpetratorLdapProfile":"defa ult","sourceAddress":"","sourceHost" : "","type":"USER","eventCode":"AUT HENT ICATE","guid":"e7e794dc-5113-4828-b9be-9e9fa229bef1","timestamp":"2017-03-19T16:38:42Z","message":"type=AUTHENTICATED, source=BASIC_AUTH","narrative":"ce0005 (cn=ce0005,ou=users,o=data) has authenticated","xdasTaxonomy":"XDAS_AE_AUTHENTICAT E_ACCOUNT","xdasOutcome":"XDAS_OUT_SUCCESS"}
2017-03-19T11:38:43Z, ERROR, auth.LDAPAuthenticationRequest, {71} authID=1, unable to retrieve user password from ldap: error reading nmas password: error -1659 []
2017-03-19T11:38:43Z, ERROR, oauth.OAuthConsumerServlet, {71} error during OAuth authentication attempt: 5015 ERROR_UNKNOWN (no available unknown-pw authentication method) []
2017-03-19T11:38:43Z, ERROR, http.PwmResponse, {71} 5071 ERROR_OAUTH_ERROR (5015 ERROR_UNKNOWN (no available unknown-pw authentication method)) []

What is the posible cause?