This has to be the worst upgrade process ever!! What a terrible terrible product to release.

Followed documented upgrade process.
Result: wasn't listening on 5432
Cause: postmaster.opts ("-p" "50432" and "-c" "listen_addresses=" when they should have been "-p" "5432" and "-c" "listen_addresses=*" respectively)
Finally can connect as postgres user but when I try to connect as app user I get "Error connecting to the server: FATAL: must be superuser to connect in binary upgrade mode" whatever that means and how to stop it!

Upgrading Tomcat and ActiveMQ just looks to be a complete failure on all counts with all the dependencies for the in-place upgrade tool and the installers requiring empty directories.

What a crock of BS app this is.
Disk space check is WRONG!! How about checking the partition for installation rather than just "/" ?!?!?!?!

This product is not fit for purpose!