Hi Experts,

I have a query on flushing/changing Dirxml enetitlement reference
through driver policy. Could anyone please help me understand the
possible ways?

The procedure is: I have a resource called resourceA and that has 4 role
called role-001 and so.. This resource is being granted through
entitlement by a driver policy and once resource is granted genereric
workflow gets trigger to add role. When i select resourceA from userapp
new dashboard, it redirects to the new page that has Requester comment
and role selection dropdown. once role is selected and submitted
resourceA has been assigned to the user and i could see dirxml
entitlement added with the userprofile:
cn=resourceA,cn=DynamicEntitlementLoopBack,cn=driv erset1,o=system#1#<?xml
version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><ref>
<param>\KMDIDV\system\driverset1\UserApplication\A ppConfig\RoleConfig\RoleDefs\Level10\AccessManagem ent\resourceA\role-001</param>

just immediate after this workflow gets trigger to add role and request
gets assign to the manager. In case manager deny this request for now
and user re-request it in near future and manager needs to approve this,
it doesn't trigger any role request as the Dirxml entitlement reference
value is already set as #1# here.
Are there any alternatives to change Dirxml entitlement reference value
from #1# to #0# or to flush it itself once role has been approve/deny?


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