Hi all: yesterday I installed a few updates including several for apache, java, and ncpenc. Following the update and the restart of affected daemons we completely lost the ability to print. Trying to pull up the print manager in iManager resulted in errors, printers as well. With the help of Novell support we determined that the name of host name cannot have underscore characters in it. We do not use the server name so as to be able to move iPrint to a different server without having to rebuild everything. We have always used underscores for our host name, e.g. gr_ipp_mgr. But after the updates underscores are causing iPrint to choke. We had to rename the host to "grippmgr" and add this host name to DNS. Novell does not know what actually is happening yet.

Let me say that again, after the update, an iPrint host name that has underscores and worked for the past 10 years no longer worked.