Just upgraded to UA 4.5.5

I am trying to create a navitem for the users to click on. (Under Edit-
>Edit Home Items->New item)

I made a tinyurl and pasted it into the link

When I click save it returns:
This item falied to save. Reason: Error creating object:
cn=sdfca4535d610b04ae3ae9acb2b3426dd5e,cn=NavItems ,cn=UIConfig,cn=AppConfig,cn=UAMETA,cn=Driver
Set,ou=idm,ou=services,o=dk. Object definition does not allow create.

I actually managed to select and copy the error before it faded, that was
kind of difficult.
I am using uaadmin, and he has supervisor rights to everything.
Nothing happens in the catalina.out file.

What can cause this error?