I have recently run across two programs using MSI that work fine under win7 with the exact same credentials but not under win10. In both situations I can copy the whole installer from the share as the user in question from the share and launch it with the exact same msi switches and it works. ZCM 11.4.3 agent 11.4.2 WS Win10edu 64. so today's scenario was using Adobe CS6 from an NSS share under OES. I want to re iterate that this exact same bundle works under win7pro64 with the exact same account. The account is created with the DLU and is a local admin. It is not volatile.

The bundle will fail with a 1603 found in the event log. the event log claims the user needs admin rights. it is confirmed the user has these rights. If I copy the package to the local computer and run the exact same launch string from a command prompt works fine. now here is a little twist. I have to run it from a admin command prompt. If I open a normal command prompt it will not install. But under Win7 no issues. Any thoughts?