I have moved the internal database from one server to another via the instructions in the zenWorks 11 SP4 documentation (https://www.novell.com/documentation.../b19ruhpw.html). The last step is listed as

Assign the database role to PSDB2 by running the following command in the DBISQL utility:
update zZenServerRoles set id=<0xNew DB servers GUID>, position=(select max(position) from zZENServerRoles where id=<0xNew DB servers GUID>)+1 where Roles='Database'

I have figured out how to get into the DBISQL utility, but hav eno clue on determining the new DB server GUID. Does this step need to be done? (I think it does as I have my desktops accessing the server and seeing that they need bundles, but the bundles are not deploying.)