I have looked in the documentation and there are some examples of
clustering which are good. However I would like to know if it makes
sense to cluster NAM Appliances together.

So for example this setup:

Case 1:

Server 1: NAM 4.3 Appliance box
Server 2: NAM 4.3 Appliance box

Instead of:

Case 2:

Server 1: ADS
Server 2: IDS 1
Server 3: IDS 2
Server 4: AGW1
Server 5: AGW2

So in Case 1 both servers have all 3 components, ADS, IDS and AGW.

Would this make sense and work properly? From an administration
standpoint it is easier for the customer, since only 2 boxes needs to be
patched and maintained. The reason for doing this would be to have no
single point of failure. It would not so much be for the load balancing
you gain. I know that is the big advantage for doing it like in Case 2.

Thanks in advance,


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